Working with Organizations & Not for Profits


Most not for profits survive because of volunteers. Be they board members, event organizers or day to day “staff”, it is the time and effort of volunteers that enables the charitable world to survive and thrive.

But these volunteers are work. In finding, training and managing. In ensuring you have the right people for the right positions and in dealing with the situation when you don’t. Work that can seem as if it is more intense than beneficial and can be stressful for both staff and organizations as a whole. The V Generation can help. Our programs are designed to help in two ways. 

First, by training a set of volunteers who can find their way to your door. You know that they’ve gone through the Life Map and V Profile and therefore they are at your organization for a reason. They have experienced their motivational value system and therefore they know what they want to do and why they want to. The goal is to make the transition for them from paid work to your work as seamless as possible – for all concerned.

 Second, we can work with your existing staff to “train the trainer”. By putting your team and even your board, should they wish, through the V Generation process – not only will there be a greater depth of understanding of your volunteers but your team will be able to use the process to better identify the best volunteer placement for new volunteers; to understand why some teams work and some don’t; and, to hopefully reduce organizational stress.

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"The scientific assignments and exercises were extremely helpful and the material was taught in a practical and easy to understand manner."

Editorial writer for a major Canadian newspaper