The V Generation Services

V Generation services are as unique as you. Guided by our certified coaches and science-based tools, create your own personalized plan for the next phase in your post-work life.

The V Generation seminars include three key self-assessment tools to guide you in identifying the kind of rich and rewarding opportunities that best suit your values.

Life Map

Assists you in identifying experiences you value most in preparing for the next stage of your post-work activities.

Values Chart

Based on the renowned science of SDI®, this inventory charts your unique Motivational Value System™ to help you navigate your next life stage; encore work, volunteering - or both.

My V Profile

Our coaches work with you to create a unique V Profile that reflects your individual skills, interests and values.

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“The V Generation workshop provided me with useable, working knowledge to assist me in making future decisions”

Financial executive in corporate communications