Our Team

Adele Robertson

CEO, Founder

Adele's thirty-year plus career covers a wide range of communications experience ranging from New York City’s advertising industry to public relations to salesmanship, account service and management as the long time Director of Corporate Sponsorship at Toronto’s Harbourfront Centre. Adele’s management roles in a variety of nonprofit organizations coupled with her experience with the private sector was a catalyst in inspiring the foundation of The V Generation. She helped establish the business of training boomers to transition to both encore work roles and as urgently needed skilled helpers for community service opportunities.

Gabeco Consultants

Research Partners

Gabeco Consultants is a strategic research and marketing company which uses qualitative and quantitative research techniques to assist companies in understanding consumer and employee behavior. Gabeco uses traditional research methodologies in non-traditional ways which allows for a deeper understanding of individual behaviors. Understanding what drives lifestyle choices and motivates individuals assists The V Generation clientele to make better informed and more responsible business and life decisions.

Professional Coaches

V-Generation’s professional coaches have more than 28 years of management, organizational development, facilitation, experiential education, and career counseling experience in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. Their skills in the design, development and delivery of high-impact learning solutions have proven results. They excell in their ability to engage people, individually and in team dynamics. Facilitating guidance and counseling for older workers transitioning out of the workplace, the coaches understand the stages of retirement and the challenges to remake one’s identity to fit the beyond the paycheck landscape. They are graduates of Canadian Universities holding Masters Degrees and Bachelor of Education and Arts degrees.

Volunteer Experiences

THE V Generation team draws on their personal volunteer experience: UNICEF, Youth Without Shelter, Group for Design in Business in Canada, Jazz Performance & Education Center; Toronto’s Civic Action; AIDS Free World (Stephen Lewis); Wellspring, Canadian Marketing Association Brand council, Design Management Institute (Boston), Centre for Advancement in Work & Living, Peel Career Assessment Services, Burl Oak Theatre Group, Habitat for Humanity, Credit Valley Hospital Foundation, Peel HIV/Aids Network, Children’s Aid Society, Haltom/Peel School Board, Glendon College LLIR, Sunnybrook Hospital Junior Board (founder), CNIB, The Easter Seal Society, Girl Guides of Canada, Westpark Healthcare Centre, Sunnybrook Foundation, Parent Information Programs, School Council Advisory Boards, Committees and more.