Founders Statement

My personal experience was the catalyst for imagining a business that would prepare people to blossom as they transitioned to the next stage of their life journey. Few people anticipate what retirement means in terms of one’s daily life. I saw that leaving wage work was a huge letdown for many. Most of us thrive on productivity, on a sense of accomplishment, relishing psychic income and especially, working with others to produce positive results. Retirement can be mighty lonely. In fact the very word “retire” means, to me, the end of a road. Beyond financial planning, there simply was not much life planning available for people as they said adieu to their careers. What’s the end game, what next? So the V Generation was born. 

The V Generation is about discovery. Discovering what makes me ‘tick’ and how my wisdom, work and life experiences can translate into a reinvention of ‘me’. And that new “me” will bring indescribable personal satisfaction and fantastic opportunities for productive and joyful service to myriad communities. V is for vision, value and volunteer. 

We don’t retire – we revalue and reinvent. We live.

- Adele Robertson, CEO

Adele Robertson, CEO